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Friendly Care Package Inbound - Updated Public Transportation Information and Fan Guides to COD Events

Posted On: January 26, 2017 by Matthew Chesser

Hello everyone!

It's unfortunately a necessity at esports events to solve the public transportation riddle, "Which stop is closest to the venue?" - and how much harder this becomes when we don't speak the local language! Thankfully, we've added in the closest public transportation stops (both by bus and train where available) to all COD events!

We've also put together some helpful "fan guides" to upcoming COD events, focusing upon dining and late-night options around the venue, paying special attention to time of meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), with some attention to price where it was possible. We've also put the restaurants we've identified on a Google Map, which should help give a better idea of their locations relative to the venue. Please know that we've tried our absolute best to make sure that all locations identified are within easy walking distance of the venue, though in some cases where prices near the venue were quite high we've added a few cheaper options a bit further away.

All of these guides are linked on the event page for the specific event you'd like to attend, and can also be found as standalone articles below.

We hope this helps, and hope to see you at an esports event soon!


The Esports Fan's Guide to Paris

Posted On: January 26, 2017 by Matthew Chesser

CWL Paris arrives in the third week of February, bringing esports fans to one of the world's most famous cities. We've carefully assembled a fan's guide to some of the top restaurants around the Paris Expo Hall for your dining pleasure, sorted by time of meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

Please be aware that the vast majority of restaurants around the venue follow the French dining schedule, which means that they are open for both lunch and dinner - but not the hours in between. For example, famed seafood restaurant El Chalan near the venue is open from 12-2:30pm, and then again from 7-11pm (1200-1430, and then again from 1900-2300), remaining closed for the hours of 2:30-7pm (closed from 1430-1900). As such, fans should be sure to obtain food during these hours, as outside food options may be hard to come by.

We've put a map together for the destinations below:

Unfortunately, there do not seem to be many breakfast restaurants within an easy walk of the venue. Early birds, or very late-night owls, are therefore advised to partake of the breakfast normally offered by many French hotels, or at least ask at the front desk for a recommendation of where breakfast might be obtained.

France's famous cuisine begins to shine during the lunch and dinner hours, and there are many high-quality restaurants near the venue. Fans of French cuisine will be undoubtedly well-served by L'Atelier du Parc - a short six-minute walk from the venue, though the prices are a bit on the high side. Those interested in Japanese cuisine will undoubtedly find Shoka to their liking, which is only a four-minute walk from the Paris Expo Hall and has very affordable prices. Anyone in the mood for a hamburger will find Big Fernand a short seven-minute walk from the venue, with a dizzying array of hamburgers at decent prices.

After the event, fans in need of refreshment will discover the Le Crocodile Vert, a comfortable tapas bar open until five AM (0500) only a short walk from the venue. For a more sports-influenced bar, check out Le Comptoir Rugby Bar, also a short distance away. Those seeking cocktails will find many excellent options at Heure Sup', a short ten-minute walk away from the venue.


The Esports Fan's Guide to CWL London

Posted On: January 24, 2017 by Matthew Chesser

Congratulations on attending CWL London! COD tournaments are always a riotous good time, and we're glad you've been able to attend one.

We've put a map together of some suggested dining options, bracketed by time and type of food served (breakfast, lunch/dinner, and after-hours). The blue pin on this map represents the venue, yellow pins refer to breakfast suggestions, dark green to lunch/dinner ideas, and purple to after-hours spots. NOTE - despite the seeming distance on the map, all of these suggestions are within ten to fifteen minutes' walk from the venue. Please feel free to zoom in or out.

If you're an early bird, or a (very late) night owl, you'll be wanting breakfast before the event to (re)fuel. Proximity alone requires we mention Pret A Manger, a charming little fresh-kitchen serving fresh wraps, baguettes, sandwiches, and soups throughout the day that is conveniently located seconds away from the Gfinity Arena. Anyone needing a quick cup of coffee throughout the day will also find a Krispy Kreme very close by. Those seeking a healthier option, and willing to walk a few minutes for it, will be undoubtedly well-served by Del'Aziz, which offers numerous Middle Eastern-themed dishes throughout the day.

Those seeking a quick burger for lunch will be amply served by Gourmet Burger Kitchen, only a few seconds away from the venue. Those seeking essentially any other kind of meat will find their needs conveniently met by Bodean's BBQ, just across the street from the venue. Healthier lunch options are quite nearby, with the Pizza Express at Fulham Broadway offering both vegetarian and gluten-free options, in addition to a dizzying array of pizza options.

Many dinner options are near the venue, but as fans of steak we suggest hanger sw6, easily one of the top steakhouses in Fulham. Those willing to walk about ten minutes or so will find Strada, a charmingly modern Italian restaurant. However, if you're only stepping out between games, the Broadway Bar and Grill is seconds away from the venue and offers quite the array of options.

After hours, those in need of a cocktail to take the edge off an exciting series will find the Kona Kai just a few minutes' walk away from the venue, serving cocktails in a pleasant tropical atmosphere. Those seeking a more British-pub feel may want to check out The Slug, which offers live sports in addition to a formidable bar. Gastropub fans will find The Butcher's Hook only a few minutes away, offering fine food and drink in a relaxing environment.


The Esports Fan's Guide to CWL Atlanta

Posted On: January 24, 2017 by Matthew Chesser

Congratulations on attending CWL Atlanta! MLG always puts on fun and exciting events, and everyone hopes this will be no different. We've put this guide together to highlight food options near the event, specifically focusing upon proximity to the venue and cost.

We've put together a very helpful map of restaurants convenient to the venue, color-coded by type. The blue pin on the left represents the venue itself, yellow pins point to places open for breakfast, dark green pins for places open for lunch and dinner, and purple for your after-hours convenience.

Early birds, and/or extreme night owls, in the mood for a spot of breakfast before the day's festivities may want to consider Glenn's Kitchen Atlanta, which is only a seven-minute walk from the venue. Opening at 7am on the weekends, Glenn's Kitchen offers traditional Southern breakfast options in the $7-$17 price range. Early risers seeking more affordable fare may be well advised to consider the nearby Waffle House, which offers 24-hour dining options at a very affordable price - and it is about the same distance away as Glenn's Kitchen if one takes a shortcut across Centennial Park. Those willing to travel slightly further for delicious breakfast are advised to try the Metro Cafe Diner, though it is a slightly longer walk at 15-20 minutes.

Patrons dipping out of the event for a spot of lunch will not lack for options in this part of Atlanta. Esports fans seeking to enjoy a more upscale environment within ten minutes' walk of the venue might check out Thrive, which offers American cuisine and sushi options, while those seeking large hamburgers are advised to check out Ted's Montana Grill. Fans seeking to eat quickly and return to the event will find any number of quick options, ranging from the more common Taco Bell to the slightly-better-quality Chick Fil-A - all within a few minutes' walking distance. Better still, all of these locations are open during the dinner hours.

After the event, patrons seeking a nightcap might enjoy stopping off for a drink at the Hard Rock Cafe, Atlanta, while those seeking a more European experience will enjoy Der Biergarten's continental atmosphere and its considerable collection of imported beers. Fans preferring a relaxing cocktail with excellent views of the city will undoubtedly enjoy Skylounge at the Glenn's, though be advised that cocktail prices can be quite expensive.

We hope you have a wonderful time at CWL Atlanta!


Welcome to the Esports Travel Agency!

Posted On: January 3, 2017 by Matthew Chesser

We’ve built a travel agency truly designed for esports fans, in order to help lower costs, simplify booking, and get as many of our fellow fans and professionals to live events as we can. Many of us know the thrills and joys of live esports events, meeting our distant friends for the first time, and simply enjoying the professional play of the games we love. Those who haven’t yet had this experience, we’d like to help.

Who are we? The major players behind it are Matt Chesser, a former senior writer, Joe Eastham, a former manager, and Sebastien Debs - a current coach and professional player. Collectively these three have over 12 years of experience within the esports ecosystem and cover nearly all spectrums in esports from professional play at the highest levels to running a team. We couldn't do it alone however, and we feel obligated to thank the hundreds of people who've provided valuable feedback. Two specifically have gone well above and beyond - Ms. Jessica Hunter, in her capacity as a cross-industry researcher and analyst, and Mr. Andrew Jenkins in his capacity as web developer. Our deepest thanks and gratitude to Ms. Hunter and Mr. Jenkins, in addition to everyone else who's been kind enough to offer their advice and opinions as to how to make this better.

As esports fans, we want to go to events - not seemingly random three-letter character strings. By storing data related to upcoming events, the process of booking a trip to an event is greatly simplified. No longer do you need to look up the nearest airport and Google Maps to find a hotel close to the event, simply select the event you want to go to and our system will automatically display the flights and hotels available for the duration of the event. You can even see your trip in full before you buy it as a sort of final review. Should anything go wrong on your journey or during your stay at the event, we've arranged a 24/7 help line so you've always got someone to call.

We try our best to find information on every upcoming esports event, but it would be foolish for us to assume we can find the information to every event out there. If you see one we've missed, please Contact us with information of events we are missing so we can put them up, or if you’re an organization or community running an event yourself feel free to drop us a line with your information.

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you at an esports event!

Matt Chesser

Sebastien Debs

Joe Eastham