Welcome to the Esports Travel Agency!

We’ve built a travel agency truly designed for esports fans, in order to help lower costs, simplify booking, and get as many of our fellow fans and professionals to live events as we can. Many of us know the thrills and joys of live esports events, meeting our distant friends for the first time, and simply enjoying the professional play of the games we love. Those who haven’t yet had this experience, we’d like to help.

Who are we? The major players behind it are Matt Chesser, a former senior writer, Joe Eastham, a former manager, and Sebastien Debs - a current coach and professional player. Collectively these three have over 12 years of experience within the esports ecosystem and cover nearly all spectrums in esports from professional play at the highest levels to running a team. We couldn't do it alone however, and we feel obligated to thank the hundreds of people who've provided valuable feedback. Two specifically have gone well above and beyond - Ms. Jessica Hunter, in her capacity as a cross-industry researcher and analyst, and Mr. Andrew Jenkins in his capacity as web developer. Our deepest thanks and gratitude to Ms. Hunter and Mr. Jenkins, in addition to everyone else who's been kind enough to offer their advice and opinions as to how to make this better.

As esports fans, we want to go to events - not seemingly random three-letter character strings. By storing data related to upcoming events, the process of booking a trip to an event is greatly simplified. No longer do you need to look up the nearest airport and Google Maps to find a hotel close to the event, simply select the event you want to go to and our system will automatically display the flights and hotels available for the duration of the event. You can even see your trip in full before you buy it as a sort of final review. Should anything go wrong on your journey or during your stay at the event, we've arranged a 24/7 help line so you've always got someone to call.

We try our best to find information on every upcoming esports event, but it would be foolish for us to assume we can find the information to every event out there. If you see one we've missed, please Contact us with information of events we are missing so we can put them up, or if you’re an organization or community running an event yourself feel free to drop us a line with your information.

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you at an esports event!

Matt Chesser

Sebastien Debs

Joe Eastham

Author: Matthew Chesser

Published: Jan 3, 2017 2:21:04 AM

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